• Welcome to Ella C. Pittman Elementary School. Located in Harvey Louisiana, Pittman serves approximately 500 diverse students' needs in grades Pre K-5th. Pittman's faculty and staff consist of over 60 educators devoted to raising student success.

    Pittman’s Mission Statement: The mission of Pittman’s school community is to nurture a positive learning environment embracing high levels of learning for ALL –every child, every adult, every classroom, every day.

    Pittman's Vision Statement: We are committed to raising academic achievement by setting high expectations and delivering high-quality instruction based on every child's unique abilities in a safe, nurturing environment.  

    It is the right of every child, regardless of his or her background. It is our responsibility as educators to ensure that every student has access to a robust and challenging curriculum. 

    Pittman’s Instructional Goals: 

    1. To increase the number of students in grades K-2 reading at or above grade level.
    2. To increase the literacy (reading and writing) skills of all students.
    3. To advance bubble students and special populations.

Our Principal