Cuillier Career Center Policies & Procedures

    According to state guidelines and our school system calendar, in order to be eligible to receive grades and earn credit in a full unit course taken in either semester, a student is not allowed more than five (5) unexcused absences throughout the entire semester in which that full unit course is taken.
    A note is required for an excused absence of two (2) consecutive days incurred due to personal illness or serious illness in the family. If a student is absent for three (3) consecutive days he/she must produce a note verifying such absences from a “physician or dentist licensed in the state”. The assistant principal in charge of attendance will be responsible for determining all other excused absences.
    Students with an excused absence of five (5) or more consecutive days are to be given a maximum of ten (10) school days to complete make-up work. For excused absences of less than five (5) consecutive days, the allotted time for make-up work is left up to the teacher. All doctor notes must be submitted within 5 days upon returning to school.
    Students who will be out of school for an extended period of time due to illness or other medical reasons should have their parents contact their counselor concerning enrollment in a homebound program. The homebound program may limit students to 2 subjects maximum. Students absent for an extended period of time may not receive credit for courses they were enrolled in. All pregnant students must notify the principal’s office as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Pregnant students must also turn in a monthly statement from their doctor that they are able to attend school.
    Parish policy clearly states that it is the responsibility of the student to initiate and complete make-up work. If the make-up is not completed by the time specified, the incomplete grade will become an “F”.
    A student who is absent the day before a pre-scheduled test can be required to take the test on the day that he/she returns to school provided that no new work was given on the day that the student was absent. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to inform students of his/her policy for make-up work.
    Absences are not excused for court appearances except if a student has been subpoenaed as a witness. A copy of the subpoena is required.
    Students who miss school because of an out of school suspension are allowed to make-up work missed, and the absence(s) is exempted – it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate make-up work with teachers.



    Cuillier Career Center Electronic Device Policy: Cell phones may NOT be used on campus.


    All electronic devices are to be TURNED to the OFF position and not visible on campus.

    If a student is caught using his/her cell phone on campus, the phone will be confiscated.

    If the phone is confiscated, it will be held until after school on Friday. (Phones confiscated ON Friday, will be held until the following Friday.)

     If a student refuses to turn in the cell phone to the teacher, but turns it into administration, a one day In-School Suspension will go into effect for refusing the teacher.

    If a student refuses to turn in the cell phone to administration, the parent will be notified and an Out of School Suspension will go into effect. (The days of Out of School Suspension will commensurate with the offense.)

    Students, please note that if someone else’s phone is in YOUR possession, you will receive consequences (see below) as if it were your phone.

    Earbuds/headphones are NOT permitted anywhere on campus and if seen can and will be confiscated .


    Confiscation (if non compliant to instructors request)

    In-School Suspension (if turned into administration but refused to turn into the teacher)

    Out of School Suspension (Refusal to allow the cell phone to be confiscated and held until the appropriate Friday after school.)

     Simple Solution:

    Students who are injured during the school day must report the injury to the teacher who is supervising the class or to the duty teacher who is in the vicinity of the accident. You may not leave school without following the normal sign-out procedures.

    Misuse of software and accessing inappropriate internet material are not allowed and will result in serious disciplinary action.

    Policies, procedures, rules, and regulations can change at the discretion of the Director to enhance the school’s climate and culture. All students are required to comply with the policies, rules, and procedures established by both Cuillier Career Center  and the Jefferson Parish School Board. All Cuillier Career Center  students are held accountable for their own individual choices and behaviors. 



    Students are not allowed to bring food or drinks from off-campus into school.



    Cuillier Start on Time policy

    Class Instruction begins immediately when the tardy bell rings and it is imperative that students arrive on time. When students are late to class they are to report to the office to receive a pass to class. Students who are habitually tardy will receive discipline consequences. Failure to serve assigned consequences will result in more severe consequences being imposed which may include suspension from school.

    Cuillier Career Center is a closed campus. Students may not leave for lunch or any other time without following the regular check-out procedure


    Games of any type which are considered dangerous because of the limited space during lunch are not allowed, ex: running, horseplay, etc. Playing cards are not allowed on campus.

    Use of cell phones is not allowed on campus and should be in the off position at all times. Cell phones and other electronic devices will be confiscated as per our school, district and state policies. Radios, tape/CD players, iPod, MP3 type devices, beepers, laser pointers, any other type of audio/visual equipment, and any type of electronic or mechanical devices are not allowed on campus and will be confiscated as per our school, district, and state policies. Once confiscated, cell phones and other devices will be returned at the end of the day on the following Friday from confiscation.


    Only administrative approved announcements or bulletins may be posted on campus.

    Smoking, tobacco chewing, and spitting or any form of spitting is forbidden by school board policy and state law.

    Only approved school fundraising will be permitted on campus in the designated areas. Fundraising sales can only take place before school, at lunch, and after school – never during class time.

    Because of the size of our campus there are many areas which are considered “OFF-LIMITS” to students. These areas are the parking lot and cars (during class and breaktime); Faculty restrooms,rear of the campus , any area marked by a yellow chain, hallways (before school and during breaks); restrooms ; and the other areas that are not supervised and marked as off-limits. Any student in an off-limits area shall be subject to suspension.

    Students who submit altered/forged notes/signatures are subject to suspension.
    Students who provide written/verbal false information to school employees are subject to suspension.

    We expect every staff member to be treated with respect and dignity. The teacher is the instructional supervisor in the classroom. A show of disrespect toward faculty members or staff members or insubordination on the part of students will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will be subject to suspension or expulsion. Staff members include the clerical staff, teacher’s assistants, cafeteria workers, custodial staff, substitute teachers, and bus drivers.

    As it would be impossible to predict every disciplinary infraction, the administration reserves the right to discipline students in a manner that provides a safe and orderly campus.

    Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)
    Cuillier Career Center  has a Positive Behavior Intervention Support program that is comprehensive and campus wide. We have the following expectations of our entire student body:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe


    These expectations are accompanied by school rules that are posted throughout the campus. All students are held responsible for abiding by these rules.

    A conference must be held with a parent/legal guardian and an administrator concerning all suspensions. Parent/legal guardian identification must be verified at all conferences. Administrators are available after 9:00 a.m.
    Causes for suspension/expulsion can be found in the JPPSS Procedures and Policies for Parents and student handbook.
    In-School Suspension (ISS): In-school suspension students must serve ISS from 7:30am to 3:40pm for the number of days suspended.
    A parent must appear with the student on the first day of an in-school suspension to attend a conference with an administrator and to sign an ISS agreement. If the parent/guardian does not appear, the student will be placed in ISS, dismissed at regular school time (2:40). The student will not receive credit for serving that day of ISS, and be required to make up the assigned day of ISS.
    In order for the student to officially serve the ISS, they must be present from 7:30am – 3:40pm
    Out-of-School Suspension (OS): A parent/guardian must appear with the student prior to the student returning to school from an out-of-school suspension. A student receiving a 3rd suspension may be referred to Juvenile Court through Family in Need of Services (FINS).

    It is the obligation of Cuillier Career Center  to provide an educational atmosphere conducive to the learning process. Students, teachers, and administrators have the right to be free from distractive clothing, which hinders the learning process. To promote campus safety and to limit distractions, students will wear a home school uniform and or program uniform, which may be purchased, from designated shops at the students expense.



    The students will wear a standard uniform every day which will include trousers or skirt, shirt, belt, socks, shoes, and ID. Students may not alter the uniform and may not wear any garments that are not approved by the administration. The Uniform Policy is in effect when the students enter campus and until students leave campus. Students who violate the uniform policy will be directed to call a parent to correct the problem, and/or assigned other consequences which may include ISS, or out of school suspension.

    Only a plain white shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt.

    All shirts MUST be tucked neatly inside pants/skirt.


    Only uniform pants are allowed. No jean/denim fabric allowed. 

    Pants must be hemmed and NOT be frayed,  have cuts, holes or slits.

    All pants must be correct waist size and worn at the waist…no low riding/hip hugger fit allowed.  Big, baggy pants or skintight pants ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    All students must wear a belt with appropriate pants that have loops


    The uniform skirt may be no shorter than TWO inches above the crease at the back of the knee.

    Skirts must be worn at the waist and not rolled.

    Only tights with FEET may be worn under skirts.


    Shoes without backs, shoes with rollers, shoes with high heels or platforms, or shoes that by their construction may pose a safety risk are NOT ALLOWED.

    Slippers, ballet shoes, slides ,shower shoes ,open toe  NOT ALLOWED.

    Shoes must be all black and enclosed; no secondary or additional colors on black are allowed.




    In very cold weather, students should layer their clothing…a white undershirt, uniform shirt, Cuillier Career Center /home school sweatshirt, knit cap, etc.

    A heavy winter coat (no jackets) when temperature dictates may be worn to school but must be removed upon entering the building. Students may wear either a current and official homeschool jacket or jacket that has a full zipper.


    ID’s must be worn on the chest area and be clearly visible at all times.

    Book bags must be see-through (i.e clear, plastic, or mesh)-school bags only, no tote bags.

    Purses may not be larger than 8 1/2″ x 11″ (the size of a piece of loose leaf paper).

    Student’s hair must be clean and combed. Hairstyles must not impair vision. 

    Hats shall not be brought to school. During extremely cold weather, a  knit pull on cap may be worn.

    No extreme larger than a dime hoop or dangling earrings are allowed. Only stud earrings no larger than a dime are allowed. No other pierced body jewelry is allowed.

    No earrings in shop class or welding of any kind unless they can be covered or allowed by instructor.

    A student may not write on or deface any part of the school uniform, shoes, bodies, IDs, or book bags. Any decoration or accessory must be in good taste and NOT be offensive, insulting, promote hatred, or incite inappropriate behaviors.

    No excessive accessories are allowed.


    It is also the obligation of the school to enforce the attributes of personal hygiene, neatness, and safety. Therefore, all students must maintain a physical appearance in keeping with stated policy. Students violating stated dress code policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Parents or guardians will be called to provide a proper uniform for the student or to pick up the student from school until a proper uniform can be attained.

    In accordance with R.S. 17:416.1 (D), the principal or headmaster of a school, public or private, must notify the Department of Public Safety and Corrections Office of Motor Vehicles of any student between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18) who has been subjected to a disciplinary action as defined in this statute, so they may process the request for suspensive action (suspension of driving privileges) in accordance with R.S. 32:431. As per the Legislative act 732 of the 2003 legislative session, a student who is expelled or suspended from school for ten or more consecutive days for committing the following infractions or who withdraws from school under certain circumstances will have his or her name submitted to the Office of Motor Vehicles: the sale or possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance, possession of a firearm, or an infraction involving assault or battery on a member of the school faculty or staff.
    Students and parents are not allowed to park in the faculty areas in the front of school, driveways in front of school marked by reserved signs, and the handicapped parking areas. Sitting in parked vehicles before and after school is not allowed. Reckless operations of a motor vehicle in the parking lots or on the streets near school will result in sever disciplinary action. All students parking on campus must have a parking decal, which costs $10.00. Students must have their driver’s license, insurance card, and the auto’s license number when purchasing a parking decal. Parking decals may be purchased in the office during lunch. The parking permit must be visible through the windshield. Neither Cuillier Career Center  nor the Jefferson Parish School Board is responsible for any loss or damages to students’ cars while parked on our campus.



    Field trips are a valuable part of the school curriculum and arrangements for such trips are made by teacher’s well in advance. Parents will receive a permission form to sign and return to school by a specific date. If the field trip permission slip is not signed and returned to the classroom teacher, the student will not be allowed to attend a field trip. Parents will be given a specific date on which any charges for admission fees, transportation, lunch, etc. must be paid. In the event the student has paid to attend a field trip and for some reason cannot attend, money may be refunded only if the school has not yet paid for the cost of the activity.
    Students are required to have each course instructor sign the permission form. If, according to the permission form, a student is failing a course, the student will not be allowed to participate in the field trip.
    If, while attending a field trip, a student displays unacceptable behavior, he/she may not be allowed to attend future field trips. In addition, disciplinary action, including suspension will be taken. Students are required to make-up any work missed while attending a field trip. Students are required to wear the proper Cuillier Career Center uniform unless otherwise approved by the administration.

    Students receive report cards each nine weeks. Nine weeks grades are a combination of daily class grades, which include class participation, quizzes, test scores, exams, homework, and reports. During the fifth week of each nine weeks period students are issued an “Interim Report Card” which tells parents and students how the student is doing in each class. If a student is doing satisfactory work at the time the interim report is issued, but begins to fail, the teacher will than issue an individual interim report to the student.
    Quality Points
    A = 4 points (honors course-5 points)
    B = 3 points (honors course-4 points)
    C = 2 points (honors course-3 points)
    D = 1 points (honors course-2 points)
    F = 0 points (honors course-0 points)
    Numerical equivalents of letter grades are:

    A 93-100
    B 85-92
    C 75-84
    D 67-74
    F 0-66

    If you become ill while at school you are to report to the office, if a nurse is available they will see you . No employees of Cuillier Career Center will administer medicine ,treatment or medical services.In emergencies parents and emergency services will be notified  You may not leave school without following sign-out procedures.

    Students must check-in at the Front Office with one of the office staff upon arrival to campus.



    You must obtain the following forms from the Office of Operations: School Medication Order (S.S.35) and Parent/Guardian Written Consent for Medication Administration (S.S.36).

    Violation of this policy will result in a suspension from school.


    Scanners and hand wands will be used during the school day and at school related activities. Entering the property constitutes your consent to pass through the scanners.

    Students must have their pass whenever they leave a classroom. Misuse of a pass will result in loss of the pass privilege and disciplinary action. Possession of a pass which is not properly documented with name, date, time, and destination will constitute misuse of pass.
    Students must have a pass signed by the teacher.
    Students are not allowed in faculty restrooms and/or the teacher’s lounge. If an emergency arises while the student restrooms are closed, the student should report to Office.

    All buses arrive from the Trojan Street parking area of school. Students must remain on the sidewalk or under the covered area when waiting for the buses to arrive.

    Entering this property constitutes your consent to a possible search of both person and property, including vehicles, lockers, book bags, etc. This procedure may be instituted to help assure the safety of the students and the employees of the Jefferson Parish Public School System. Random classroom searches are routinely enacted throughout the school year.



     Only the phone numbers listed on the computer will be used for parent/guardian contact. **

    The student’s parent/guardian must come to the front office to sign the student out properly, regardless of the student’s age. The student will then be called from their class.

    Doctor appointments should be scheduled after school. If such an appointment is scheduled during school time, such an excuse does not excuse the student for the entire day unless such appointment lasts all day.

    **Note: If any parent/guardian information changes during the school year, it is important to change this information at school immediately; otherwise, students will not be able to check-out. Changes are only accepted in writing from a parent/guardian.

    Students MUST follow regular sign-in and out procedures even if going on an outing ,etc NO EXCEPTIONS. These students will need a signed note from their teacher/sponsor before they will be allowed to check out.

    Students may begin to arrive on campus at 7:00 a.m. They shall enter the campus through a “Single Point of Entry,”  everyday.



    Students are not allowed to sit in cars leave campus or walk the neigborhood

    After 9:00 a.m. all check-ins are done by the main office staff and recorded immediately.

    Student dismissal occurs at 3:15 p.m. . All students must leave campus by 3:30 p.m.

    Every student is required to have an official Cuillier Career Center Identification Card. This card must be worn around the student’s neck in the chest area or clipped to a collar at all times while on campus. Students who do not have an ID in their possession, or who refuse to surrender it to a teacher, staff member, or administrator when requested to do so, are subject to suspension.Students who refuse to give their name to any Jefferson Parish School Board employee, or give a false name when requested to identify him/herself, are also subject to serious disciplinary action, including suspension from school for the remainder of the school year.
    Possession of an ID defaced by stickers, marking, pins, etc. will result in disciplinary action. Administrators reserve the right to require the purchase of a new ID when the ID is deemed unacceptable.
    If a student does not have an ID on their person or defaces his/her ID, a student can purchase a temporary ID in the office for $1 which is good for the date indicated ONLY. A student can purchase a new ID for $5. If a student loses his/her ID, a new one must be purchased before school in the attendance office. If a student fails to get their ID or checks in to school without an ID, the student will receive a one hour detention and must purchase an ID.

    Excessive tardies will result in suspension from school and referral to the juvenile court system and FINS (Families In Need of Services).

    Only EMERGENCY messages from parents, after stating the nature of the emergency, will be accepted and given to students. The school does not have the facilities or personnel to handle any other type of messages. Please coordinate with your child before school any transportation arrangements necessary to get home or to work after school dismisses at 2:40. Students are allowed to use the telephone in the main office for emergency purposes. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO RECEIVE OR MAKE CALLS TO AND FROM HOME USING THEIR CELL PHONES.  DISCIPLINARY ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

    Cuillier Career Center is a secured campus. Visitors are not allowed on campus during our regular school hours without checking in at the front office and securing a visitor’s ID. This includes before school and lunches. A driver’s license must be surrendered for a campus pass and only allowed on campus with a school escort.



    Possession of weapons or any implements that can be used as a weapon will result in suspension and possible expulsion. Examples: knives, scissors, guns, gun facsimile, mace, fingernail clipper with a knife, pepper spray. This list is not all encompassing.
    Random checks of  classrooms and persons will be done throughout the school year at the discretion of the school Director.