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    Advanced Study Academies

    Jefferson Parish Schools' Advanced Study Academies (ASAs) are designed to expose the most highly capable students to a challenging, rigorous, and accelerated curriculum. The academies focus on high-potential students who are successful in gaining admission through the ASA admissions process.

  • 2021-22 ASA Admissions and Dismissal Policies and Procedures

  • Summer Application Period

    Applications for the 2021-22 school year will reopen Monday, June 21 at 8 a.m. and close Friday, July 2 at 5 p.m. for a limited number of remaining seats at all Academies. This application period is for anyone who did not apply during the fall or recently moved to Jefferson Parish. 

    Have a question or need technical assistance? Please contact the Admissions Office at (504) 349-7792.


    Applications are also available in Spanish and Arabic. Vietnamese applications will be added soon.

    *A Gmail account is required to complete the application. If you need help creating a Gmail account, please click here.

    Seat AvailabilitySeat availability by grade as of June 21, 2021 is listed below.

    ASA Seat availability

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    (More schools will be added soon. Keep checking the web page for updates.)

  • Gretna Number 2 Academy


    Metairie Academy 


    Patrick Taylor Academy

  • Ray St. Pierre Academy


    Haynes Academy

Directory of Advanced Study Academies

School Directory
  • Advanced Study Academy (ASA)

Airline Park Academy for Advanced Studies (Grades PreK-5)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-888-0969 Fax: 504-454-6281
6201 Camphor St.
Metairie, LA 70003

Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies (Grades PreK-5)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-366-3582 Fax: 504-364-1268
701 Amelia St.
Gretna, LA 70053

Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies (Grades 6-12)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-837-8300 Fax: 504-837-2110
1416 Metairie Rd.
Metairie, LA 70005

Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies (Grades PreK-5)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-833-5539 Fax: 504-838-6241
201 Metairie Rd.
Metairie, LA 70005

Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy (Grades 6-12)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-838-2249 Fax: 504-436-0257
701 Churchill Parkway
Avondale, LA 70094

Ray St. Pierre Academy for Advanced Studies (Grades PreK-5)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-347-4739 Fax: 504-348-3707
537 Avenue D
Westwego, LA 70094

Thomas Jefferson High (Grades 6-12)

Advanced Study Academy (ASA)
504-363-4300 Fax: 504-361-1114
17 Gretna Blvd.
Gretna, LA 70053
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