School Safety and Crisis Planning

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    Contact Information

    David Malveaux, Director of School Safety

    Kerri Cianciminio, Administrative Assistant

    4600 River Rd.

    Marrero, LA 70072

    Office: 504-349-7641 | Fax: 504-349-8616


    What We Do

    The Department of School Safety is here to assist with any questions or concerns for the following:


    Crisis Management

    • District Crisis Plan
    • District Essential Personnel Parish Issued Re-Entry Placards
    • Central Office Based and Itinerant Employee Identification Cards
    • Intruder Training
    • School Based Safety Drills



    • Violence Prevention Program
    • Substance Abuse Program


    Special Programs

    • CPI Training for School Based Crisis Team Members
    • Safe School Employee Training Courses
    • Crossing Guard Safety and Training
    • School Based Detail Officers/SRO
    • Jefferson Parish Registered Sex Offenders



    La Act 50 House Bill 718 (School Based Crisis Plan forms)

    Passed during the regular Legislature Session of 2013, Act 50 HB 718 requires a "crisis management and response plan" to be developed and maintained, in an effort to provide students, faculties, and staff a safe learning and work environment. Schools are required to submit thier Appendix B - School Crisis Plan Template as well as their Appendix C - Planning check list, survey and Table Top exercise documentation forms within the first 30 days of the school year. 


    District Crisis Plan

    The School Safety department has developed and maintains a comprehensive Emergency Crisis Plan to help our schools better understand and prepare for multiple emergency situations. District employees may download a current copy of the JP Schools Crisis Plan. This document requires a password to open. To request the password, please contact Kerri Cianciminio at


    District Drill Policy and Multi-Drill Form

    On November 5, 2008, the Jefferson Parish Drill Policy was passed by the School Board. These drills are required for safety planning and preparations. Please be sure to review the required timeline for each drill and grade level and submit your Multi-Drill Report Form to in the School Safety Department. For a complete explanation of Safety Drills and Inspections, click here.


    JP Employee ID and Central Office Buildings Access Cards

    Jefferson Parish Schools require all personnel to have a picture ID. Central Office and Itinerant employees needing an ID are asked to please call the School Safety department to set up an appointment as well as download and complete a copy of the ID Request Form. This form will need to be given to a School Safety team member at the time of your appointment. Please call (504)349-7641 or email to schedule your appointment. If you are in need of an Access Key Card, please email your access request form for 501 Manhattan to   and for the Annex and Emenes Building to


    For Information on Bullying/Violence Prevention and Substance Abuse Policies, Calendars and Resources, please see the District Affairs Discipline page


    Crime Stoppers Resources




    Safety Drills

    School Safety


    A Lockdown is initiated when there may be an immediate threat or hazard near or on the school campus. Students and staff are moved (or remain) in classrooms, sit away from sight line of the doors or windows, and doors and windows are locked and covered. Classroom activities cease until the incident concludes. The office will be closed and phones will not be answered.



    A Lockout is initiated when there may be a danger outside of the buildings or off campus. Students and staff are moved (or remain) in classrooms and perimeter doors remain locked, including the front office. Classroom instruction continues as normal, and necessary movement can occur within a building. Law enforcement will typically notify administration when the All Clear can be given.



    An Evacuation is initiated when there are conditions inside the school building that could be unsafe, such as no water, no electricity, or fire. It might apply to the entire campus or to individual campus buildings. Students and staff evacuate the buildings to an outside location and assemble at predetermined locations. An off-site evacuation may be necessary depending on the incident. School district officials will coordinate bussing of students to an off-campus location. Information on student reunification will be sent out by the district automated phone, text, or email system.


    Shelter In Place

    A Shelter in Place is initiated when students and staff need to be inside the building for safety, protection from dangers outside of the building, or for unsafe conditions in the immediate vicinity of the school, such as weather, flood, fire or police presence in the neighborhood, etc.. It may also be initiated when there is an unsafe situation in an isolated area of the campus and movement needs to be controlled until the situation has been resolved. During Shelter in Place, students and staff are moved (or remain) in their classrooms and normal classroom activities continue until the incident concludes. Necessary movement can occur within a building, and the front office is unlocked and open for anyone seeking shelter.



    The purpose of fire drills in buildings is to ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely as quickly as possible if a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergency occurs. People need to recognze the sound of the fire alarm.



    A tornado drill is something people do to practice what they would do if there were a tornado. It is usually done in a building such as a school or office. It starts with a signal such as an alarm or spoken message over the intercom.


    Metal Detector Search

    Handheld Metal Detectors are used in grades K - 12 as a means of decreasing the number of weapons being brought to school.


    Single Point Of Entry

    All exterior doors and gates are to be locked around the school at all times with the exception of the designated single point of entry gate. Visitors must check in through the designated area before entering school grounds. This gate is marked with a sign stating that it is the Single Point of Entry for the Building.


    Table Top

    A Table Top exercise is a meeting to discuss a simulated Safety Drill with the School Based Administration and School Crisis Team members.