What We Do

  • Child Find is a nationwide effort to locate all children with disabilities, ages zero through twenty-one, who are not receiving educational services. Child Find is a part of Special Education in Louisiana schools. It is designed to identify, locate, and evaluate children who may be in need of special education services and are not currently enrolled in school.

    Which Children are Eligible?

    Children ages 0 through 22, who are not enrolled in an educational program and may have a special need in one or more of the following areas, 

    • Speech or Language
    • Vision or Hearing
    • Physical or Orthopedic Adaptation
    • Emotional Development
    • Social Development
    • Learning Development
    • Intellectual Development


    Whom Do I Contact?

    If you know of any individuals who have disabilities, are between the ages of birth-21 years, and who are not receiving educational services, or any individuals who may be gifted and/or talented between the ages of 3-21 years, please complete the below referral form:


    Jefferson Parish Schools
    Pupil Appraisal Department
    For questions about completing the referral form, please call (504) 349-8663.

Child Find Letters

  • For children not enrolled in school, contact child search at precious.kirk@jpschools.org. We look because we have programs that may help! If you feel your child has a problem that affects his/her ability to learn or demonstrates a special skill or talent, and you would like to schedule a conference with the teacher, please complete a form below and return it to the school. At this conference, you and your child’s teacher will discuss any concerns and the option to refer your child to the Academic/Behavior Intervention Team.