What We Do

  • Red Flags

    Your child may have a fluency/stuttering problem if:

    • He/she repeats syllables or whole words (ex. t t test)
    • Uses interjections – he/she uses too many fillers (ex. um, uh,)
    • He/she sometimes drags out the sounds in words (ex. s—-un, baaall)
    • He/she is aware of a stuttering problem
    • He/she hesitates on words
    • He/she shows additional signs of struggle (ex. eye blinks, tapping finger/feet, * poor eye contact, facial grimaces)


    Traditional therapy approach includes:

    • Relaxation
    • Breathing techniques
    • Using easy onset of speech
    • Using slow, stretched rates

    Parental Suggestions

    • Do not interrupt/rush/criticize he/she when speaking
    • Do not finish his/her sentence
    • Model slow easy speech
    • Do not force him/her to speak in stressful situations