Ms. Ronda M. Johnson, Ed.S















    Ms. Ronda M. Johnson, Ed.S





    Greetings Audubon Family,


    It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year! We look forward to continuing the great work of ensuring that every student receives innovative and challenging instruction that will prepare them for success. John James Audubon School prides itself on providing a safe and academically challenging learning environment. During the 2022-2023 school year, we were recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a Top Gains Honoree. We also earned an award for surpassing our 2019 letter grade. The Audubon Family looks forward to continuing the legacy of excellence that has been established by supporting and engaging in the focus on students’ development, rigorous instruction and data.


    It is my philosophy to ensure that every child, staff member and parent has the opportunity to experience a school environment that encourages empowerment, growth and success. This philosophy has driven me throughout my 23-year career as a classroom teacher and school leader. My expectations have always been high for the students, staff, and parents I have been called to serve. This year our staff will continue to focus on the following: 


    Increasing student achievement using ongoing data analysis to guide instructional practices


    Consistent implementation of effective research based instructional strategies


    Collaboration and collective responsibility of the staff, students and parents for the success of the school


    Supporting staff by giving them opportunities for growth and development


    Engaging parents and community stakeholders in a variety of ways to support our students, families and school


    Celebrating the success of our Audubon Family


    As a school, we are committed to creating value for all stakeholders by building strategic relationships and supporting the creation of authentic experiences that will ensure the success of our students, staff and parents.

    Together we are… One School. One Team. Making A Difference. #GreatMindsUnderConstruction


    Cardi “J” Fast Facts:

     2022 SPS score of 68.9 (C)


     (K-3) Acadience Literacy Student Proficiency Increase from 53% to 63% 


     HS Honors Courses Offered (Algebra I & English I)

     Leader In Me School Site


     Hosts highly engaging Literacy and Math night in order to increase parental



     College and Career Focused Campus


     Student Leadership Programs *Leader In Me Ambassador

    *Safety Patrol

    *Student Council