Jefferson Parish Schools Check Portal

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    Open and honest communication is a cornerstone of success. The citizens of Jefferson Parish trust us with their tax dollars, and it’s important we repay that trust by making it easier to understand how we spend those resources. Jefferson Parish Schools Check Portal demonstrates the value we place on being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. This interactive financial database furthers our efforts towards even greater financial transparency and accountability.

    As a stakeholder, you can access a greater level of detail on how and where taxpayer dollars are being spent. JP Schools Check Portal allows you to filter and view disbursements by vendor name or funding source. The information included in the database is consistent with the data used to submit the District’s Annual Financial Report (AFR) to the Louisiana Department of Education and our external auditors. Disbursements related to salaries and benefits (including garnishments) and invoices less than $5,000 have been excluded.

    Jefferson Parish Schools Check Portal is live and available to all stakeholders.