EMBARK Aspiring Educators

    EMBARK Aspiring Educators - JEFFERSON PARISH GROWN EMBARK Aspiring Educators is a one-year post-baccalaureate, practitioner-based program that seeks to recruit, develop, certify, support, and retain the next generation of effective educators committed to socially and culturally diverse instructional experiences, growth, and achievement for the students of Jefferson Parish Schools. Come EMBARK on your journey with us!

    Minimum Requirements:

    • 4 year, non-education degree and
    • Passing Praxis II Content Area Exam (must be for the area you intend to certify and will teach in 2023-2024

    Why EMBARK?

    The EMBARK Aspiring Educator program has many unique characteristics such

    • No out of pocket cost to program participants except applying for
      certifications (licensure) and Praxis (some eligible for reimbursement)
    • Opportunity to dual certify
    • Summer coursework and field experience to prepare you for Day 1 in the
    • Coursework and PD designed by content experts and teacher leaders in the
      district that is specific to the research based pedagogical practices and
      curricula you will use everyday
    • Dedicated EMBARK Aspiring Educator program staff in JPS to support
      programmatic and certification needs
    • Certified mentors that receive extensive, ongoing training above the state
      required minimum; timely and actionable feedback to grow from school and
      district-based supports


    If interested in being considered for admission to the EMBARK Aspiring Educators, please fill out the 2023-2024 EMBARK Aspiring Educators Application

  •      Shawn M. Hayes
         Program Director,
         EMBARK Aspiring Educators

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the requirements to be an EMBARK Aspiring Educator (EAE)?
    A: Information on minimum requirements can be found by visiting the Jefferson Parish School's website link
    found here. You must have a 4-year non-education degree and a passing Praxis I score (must be attained
    before accepting a spot) in the area you intend to teach and certify during the program.

    Q: How do I apply for the EMBARK Aspiring Educators program?
    A: Applications for the EMBARK Aspiring Educators are open for submission once a year. Submissions for the
    2023-2024 cohort are being accepted from November 7-December 7. Application can be found at the bottom of
    the page found here.

    Q: If meet all the requirements, am I guaranteed a spot in the EMBARK Aspiring Educators?
    A: No, the FAE is a selective-admissions program that commits to creating diversified cohorts of educators that
    reflect the ethnic/population of our school system while also committing to meeting the highest needs of our
    school system (subjett area, school-type, etc.). There are a number of factors considered.

    Q: What is the process after I have applied to the EMBARK Aspiring Educators?
    A: Applitations are vetted in December of each year. Interviews and tasks are performed in January and final
    decision6 ate made in February. Candidates will know of acceptance by end of February to allow time to still
    ehpoll in another program if not accepted to EMBARK.

    Q: Is the EMBARK Aspiring Educators (EAE) program a degree-seeking program?
    No, those joining the EMBARK Aspiring educator program are certification-seeking educators. There is no
    credit toward an advanced degree.

    Q: Is the EMBARK Aspiring Educators program an accredited program?
    Yes, the EAE program was approved to offer specific certification tracks by the Louisiana Board of
    Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and abides by all policies.

    Q: I have taken classes in another program. Am I eligible to apply?
    A: It depends. If you have not applied and accepted tuition reimbursement funds from JPS, you may bé eligible
    If you have accepted tuition reimbursement, you are NOI eligible.

    Q: What is the cost of the EMBARK Aspiring Educator program?
    A: The cost of the program is free to candidates. The only out-of-pocket cost is for Praxis exams (some eligible
    for reimbursement) and certification costs. Candidates agree to a service agreement of three years past
    program completion in lieu of tuition.