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3 Types of Learning Information

The three ways we are going to school for the first 9 weeks are:
  1. Virtual = Students do not report to compus. They have online instruction only. PK - 8th grade students are eligible for this option.
  2. Traditional = Students report to school campus 5 days a week and have in class instruction. Pk - 5th grade students are eligible for this option.
  3. Hybrid = A mix of virtual and traditional: Students report to school campus two days a week as assigned. The other three days a week the students report to online instruction. 6th - 8th grade students are eligible for this option.
  • Prek-8 parents that signed up for Virtual- daily online instruction and do not report to campus (once enrolled in Virtual learning you are committed to Virtual for the first nine weeks).
  • Prek-5th Traditional- daily face to face instruction following CDC guidelines.
  • 6-8th Hybrid Learning- Students report to campus 2 days a week and learn from home 3 days a week using technology.
  • students report on Monday and Wednesday
  • B students report on Tuesday and Thursday  
  • AB students report Monday - Thursday
  • There are no 6-8th graders on campus on Fridays. 
  • Parents of Virtual and Hybrid students will be notified via phone when their laptops and curriculum materials are ready for pick up.   
  • Meals for Virtual Students- Due to the date change of the start of school, meals will not be distributed to Virtual Jefferson students until Aug. 25. Virtual meals may be picked up in front of the school by the blue gate on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 each week.
  • For a Meal for Virtual Student, please fill out a form, one per student, a week before desired pickup. For more information and the pre-order forms, please click here: Virtual Jefferson Meal Pre-Order Forms 
Face masks are required by all students and staff on school campus.