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Online Resources

Jefferson Parish Learning Print Resources:

Details on Jefferson Parish resources that will be available will be released early this week on the website (



All students have been added to an English, math & science online class in Edmentum. The program provides online tutorials with quizzes for each section. 6th and 7th grade students also have a Social Studies class available.

In order for students to access the courses, they will login to Clever using their student ID numbers as the Username and the Password. (

The Edmentum app can be accessed from the Clever homepage.

Each class is self-paced and students can work on assignments in any order.


Curriculum Associates Student Support Packets:

Curriculum Associates (the creators of iReady program) have developed printable packets for each grade level for ELA and math. Those are available on their website (


Reading Resources:

6th Grade - 

Pre-read The Witch of Blackbird Pond ( Also available as an eBook from the Jefferson Parish Library.

Students can use this study guide to help them answer questions as they read (


7th Grade - 

Pre-Read one of the following memoirs.

The Circuit 

Text link (

Study Guide (


Bad Boy, A Memoir

Text link (


Soul Surfer (text available as an eBook from the Jefferson Parish Library)

Study Guide (


Zlata’s Diary

Excerpt with questions (

8th Grade - 

Pre-Read background knowledge for Sugar Changed the World (